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SkyLift: a gentle breeze on a warm, sunny day.

Posted by Doug Lethin

The air under a traditional patio cover is trapped, and becomes heated greater than the outside air. The heated air under a patio cover wants to escape upward but is prevented from doing so by the roof of the cover and its connection to the house. This in turn, creates a sort of heat trap. All of this is because of the principle of heat conduction and convection.

The warm air under the patio cover wants to mix with the outside air until temperature equilibrium is reached between air under the cover and the outside air. This simple principle is what makes a SkyLift Hardware Fly-Over Patio cover so unique. By lifting the patio cover with the SkyLift risers and creating the opening between the patio roof cover and the house roof the principle of convection helps create a breeze or cooling effect rather than a heat trap.

Because of this benefit, a SkyLift Hardware supported patio cover also creates a way for bar-b-que fumes to escape and vent out, rather than being trapped under a traditional attached cover. You are able to enjoy the cooling and venting effects of a SkyLift Hardware attachment that is structurally sound, secure, and sealed.



About the Author


Doug Lethin literally grew up in the building industry. His father launched C&R Remodeling in 1961 in Salem, Oregon, and Doug was born right around the same time. Lethin took over the business in 1989 and invented the SKYLIFT roof riser hardware in 2010.