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The Only Way to Build a Patio Cover Over an L-Shaped Roofline

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Hi, I'm Doug with SkyLift Hardware. One of the types of rooflines that people are challenged with when installing a pergola or a patio cover is what we call an L-shaped roofline. So you have your home, and you have an addition or an extension of the house coming off of the roof, and this creates what we call an L shaped. The eave is creating the L shape, and then the valley here. The challenge is, how can you attach a cover that will cover this L shape without having to create a larger roof effect?


One of the benefits of the SkyLift Hardware is that you can use the SkyLift, which is installed back here over the top of the exterior wall, and you can extend the SkyLifts to lift a beam that will fly up and over this L shaped here. We have some pictures that we'll show you of projects that have been completed that will lift that cover up over this valley intersection here and create a nice covered effect over your patio, over your deck that will help solve the attachment to houses with an L-shaped roofline.


As we've said, the challenge is getting the cover, so it's flying up over that L-shaped section of the house. The SkyLift comes in different heights. In that way, you can adjust the heights as you fly over that L shape. You might use a 24-inch SkyLift or a 30-inch SkyLift on the part that you want higher, and then you can drop it down to an 18-inch on that outbound post side. Something you must consider when you're designing your cover or project for going over an L-shaped roofline is how to tie that beam in there.


And lifting it up higher, you can fly it over further over that valley and create the type of project that you want giving you the cover for the space below. It will fly perfectly over that section of roof that you're challenged with currently. Consider the SkyLift when you're doing your projects for those L-shaped roofline. They're also great for the U-shaped rooflines also, but we'll talk about that in another video. Thanks for watching.




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Doug Lethin literally grew up in the building industry. His father launched C&R Remodeling in 1961 in Salem, Oregon, and Doug was born right around the same time. Lethin took over the business in 1989 and invented the SKYLIFT roof riser hardware in 2010.