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Will SkyLift Roof Risers Work With Reverse Pitch Patio Covers?

Posted by Sky Lift Hardware

The short answer is, yes. Sky Lift Hardware roof riser brackets will work with reverse pitch patio covers. Always consult a qualified engineer who is skilled and well versed of the codes in your area. 


The key to these covers is proper lateral stability of the outbound post.


The posts set out from the house needs very stable post to ground connections. We recommend either the Perma-Column, SPF Sturdi-Wall Wet set model or the Simpson Hardware MPBZ. In addition, an engineered project is always best, and as additional bracing overhead may be needed depending on snow loads, wind loads and your local building code. 





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Doug Lethin literally grew up in the building industry. His father launched C&R Remodeling in 1961 in Salem, Oregon, and Doug was born right around the same time. Lethin took over the business in 1989 and invented the SKYLIFT roof riser hardware in 2010.