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The SkyLift Effect

Posted by Doug Lethin

The weather resistance that is created by the overlapping roof designs using SkyLift Hardware may vary. I prefer Patio covers using SkyLift hardware to match a similar roof pitch as the existing structure. This may be matching roof pitch may be approximate but the steeper roof slope of the new patio cover has several advantages:

  1. Debris and rain shed off easier
  2. There is a nice airy and open feel under the new cover
  3. In summer weather heat is quickly vented out of the opening between roofs.
  4. Bar-B-Q fumes and smoke are drafted up and away from the covered living space.
  5. Getting to the gutters is easier for cleaning and there is access to the main roof covering when the structure is re-roofed.

The overlaps of these two roofs should be anywhere from 24” to 36”, the longer the overlap the greater the SkyLift riser height can be achieved. The convection of air movement creates resistance to wind driven elements. This is one of the simplicities of the SkyLift Roof Riser Brackets. We call this the SkyLift Effect.



About the Author


Doug Lethin literally grew up in the building industry. His father launched C&R Remodeling in 1961 in Salem, Oregon, and Doug was born right around the same time. Lethin took over the business in 1989 and invented the SKYLIFT roof riser hardware in 2010.