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Top Four Ways of Providing Shade to Your Back Patio

Posted by Doug Lethin

Outdoor living is a great way to enjoy a backyard. Throughout the southwest United States, there is good weather all year long, encouraging people to make the most of their backyard. This includes being able to grill, entertain and generally relax outdoors. Providing shade for your back patio is also a necessity because of the extreme heat in many instances.

The summer can be especially brutal in places like Phoenix, Houston, and across Southern California. Check out some of the various ways to provide shade that also fit within the design and personality of your home.

Use Oversized Umbrellas

Use oversized umbrellas

One of the first ways to create shade for your backyard and more specifically, your patio, involves using oversized umbrellas. Many of these are sold with large bases that are filled with sand or water to provide stability.

These come in various colors, though the base may take up a significant amount of space on the patio, making it difficult to fit furniture around the edges.

Plant Foliage

Plant foliageThe second option, is to plant foliage throughout the backyard. Occasionally, it will take a while for the foliage to fill in sufficiently to provide you with enough shade.

If you experience a drought, you also must determine whether you will be able to water the plants adequately to keep them alive. This could pose a major issue. Providing shade might be an afterthought when dealing with a fire hazard. Creating shade with specific sections of plants is better than blocking sun from the entire backyard.

Build a Back Patio Cover

Build a back patio cover

Thirdly, consider constructing a back-patio cover. This is a great solution for single story homes because it is permanent. You can get brackets of varying sizes in order to build out the cover to hang over a patio of any size. This way if you back patio is used for entertaining large groups, no guest will be lacking in the shade department.

When attaching to a home it is important to keep the integrity of the primary structure. A no leak, no rot, no problem attachment is critical.

Be a Creative Genius (combination of MacGyver & Pinterest junky)

Be a creative genius

Pinterest is a great tool to use if you wish to get a little creative. This includes building pergolas, hanging tarps, and building canopies. There are plenty of photos to show you what the outcome will look like. Some of the posts include how-to instructions for the crafty DIYer.

Ultimately, there are plenty of DIY approaches to take when you want more shade over your back patio. You must look at cost and construction to ensure that it will hold up against the elements. Be sure it will provide you with enough shade so you can truly take advantage of outdoor living at its finest. You can then enjoy the outdoors regardless of how hot the temperature might be.



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